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Hal Rounds Biography

Born in California, Hal grew up in Los Angeles suburbs, graduating from Granada Hills High School.  He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a BA in Economics degree in 1966.  That was also the first time he was old enough to vote, and he cast that vote for Ronald Reagan - for Governor of California.


He entered the Air Force in 1967, training as an officer in munitions, and was assigned to Viet Nam in 1968, arriving at Bien Hoa Air Base soon after the Tet Offensive had begun.  After a year’s service in “’Nam”, having earned the Bronze Star after an enemy rocket attack, he served the remainder of his military time in Washington State, and was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain.


His civilian jobs soon led him to a new air express company – Federal Express. Early in his FedEx career, Hal moved to Memphis, and retired after 25 years, working in sales, customer service and global operations.


At the age of 47 Hal began law school at the University of Memphis, while working full time at FedEx. Getting his law degree at the age of 50, Hal practiced for some time before moving to Fayette County. Hal retired in 1999. 


Hal has spent several years conducting “Constitution Refresher” classes across the country, in an effort to revive understanding of this foundation of our freedoms. He has been active as an involved citizen, and his articles and letters have been published in national and local journals, both in print and on line. He has become increasingly involved in critical issues across Tennessee, from education and textbook content to seizures of property in the name of law enforcement, annexation, second Amendment rights and federal involvement in state issues.


His book, “American History as a Political Tool” describes in careful detail how a typical vendor, the “College Board” has crafted a curriculum for American History that delivers all the erosive content that is fashionable today for the “Cancel Culture” attack on our history, and against our kids’ foundation for their national identity. The end of the book proposes a curriculum concept that can help in rebuilding an accurate view of America’s beneficial role in the history of the world.  It is available on Amazon.  Hal is married, and lives in Somerville, Tennessee.

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