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Election Schedule: State and Federal Primary & County General Election

August 1, 2024
Early Voting: July 12-27, 2024


                    Who Am I?

  • Appointed to Tennessee Textbook Advisory Panel 2018

  • Constitutional Consevative

  • Retired Constitutional Attorney

  • Vietnam Veteran - Bronze Star Recipient

  • Successful 25 - Year Career with FedEx

  • Strong Republican Values

  • Published Author 
    Analyzing American History Curriculum

     Available on Amazon

               How Will I Serve?

  • Promote Historically Correct Curriculum that is Acaemically Rigorous & Prepares Students for Success

  • Support Policies that Attract and Retain the Best Educators and Ensure that they have the Resources they need to Succeed

  • Improve Teacher Training and Retention, and Promoting Polices that Support Student Achievement

  • Protect Our Children from Harmful Divisive Ideologies that Seek to Undermine Our Nation's Founding Principles

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