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Yesterday I had the privilege of being guided on a tour of LaGrange - Moscow Elementary, the Elementary school for southeast Fayette County, Tennessee.  It provides the educational services for our children from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  School District Chief of Staff Wesley Holmes and Principal Courtney Breeden took the time to admit me to several classes in action. 


When we entered the Kindergarten class, the subject being taught was English, concentrating on phonics.  I consider phonics a vital foundation for mastering the rest of English, and, as in the next classes, I was impressed by the teaching skills I observed. The 2nd Grade class was also working on English, in this case, having read a story, the lesson was how to identify the elements that make up the story, such as the “main character.”  The 3rd Grade class I visited was working on fractions, with interesting exercises and physical demonstrations that made the basic ideas of fractions easy to understand.  The 5th Grade class was also working on fractions, but on a much higher level, actually how to divide them.  The last class I visited was a Music class.  The same Kindergarten class had moved to the music room, and the kids were having fun animating to the music, while counting moves, like arm swings.


This was a happy introduction to what goes on at LaGrange – Moscow.  Discussing some current needs, Principal Breeden briefed my on traffic flow safety.  As kids are delivered to the school each morning, busses and parents driving their own cars use the same stretch of asphalt in front of the school.  This is an obvious safety issue, and Principal Breeden showed me a side yard approach area that can be paved.  This would provide an alternate approach that would more safely address the flow of kids each morning, and at pickup time.


I appreciate the relaxed and informative learning experience to which I was treated so graciously.


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