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Organizations and Individuals that Endorse Hal

The National Motorists Association is the primary advocate for the motorists who seek reasonable speed limits (they were the prime force behind repeal of the 55 MPH limit in 1995), the rights of motorists to be free of searches and seizures without warranted reasons, the elimination of revenue rather than safety use of traffic and red light cameras and efficiency as well as safety in highway use generally. The NMA does not endorse candidates for political office in general. They have, however, offered this support for the candidacy of Hal Rounds:

Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) 2014 Nominating and Endorsing Convention


Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) announces endorsements for 2014 state races.


Nashville, TN (PRWEB) July 02, 2014

The Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) is chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA). The TRA is a socially and fiscally conservative group of individuals committed to returning the Republican Party to its original platform by upholding the traditional Republican ideals that represent the American founders’ original intent. We believe in God, family, and the Constitution. We support policies that expand the rights, liberties, and responsibilities of the individual, and policies that reduce the size and spending of government. We believe principles should always come before politics.


The Tennessee Republican Assembly (TRA) held its nominating and endorsing convention for the 2014 Tennessee State House and Senate Races. The nominating committee submitted its recommendation for consideration to the TRA Executive Board that only duly vetted TRA members shall be endorsed. The Executive Board reviewed the recommendation and voted unanimously to accept. The following candidates for Tennessee State House and Senate were presented, and the membership voted by 2/3 majority to endorse the following candidates from the committee’s report:

Senate District 17    Mae Beavers 
House District 45    Courtney Rogers 
House District 61    Steve Gawrys 
House District 64    Sheila Butt 
House District 74    Keith A. Svadba 
House District 81    Rory Bricco 

House District 94     Hal Rounds




Fayette County Commisioner Endorsements

"A man's word should be his bond and a hand shake is sacred.  That's how I was raised.  We don't see much of that anymore, but I see these traits in Hal Rounds.    When it comes to  protecting the unborn, supporting our 2nd Amendment rights, or opposing Common Core Hal won't compromise his principles.  As a Viet Nam veteran awarded the Bronze Star for valor, he has demonstrated leadership and courage.  As a husband and caregiver to his wife with MS, he has demonstrated integrity.  Please join me in voting for Hal Rounds State Representative District 94". 


Ed Allen

Fayette County Commissioner, District 4/Oakland


I would like to encourage voters to choose Hal Rounds for State Representative for District 94. Hal is so right for this job in so many ways. He is committed to protecting our rights as outlined in the Constitution, he loves our country and was awarded a bronze star for valor in Viet Nam. Being an attorney, his legal background is invaluable. Hal is a man who stands up for what is right and will not be swayed by special interest groups. Join me in voting for Hal Rounds for State Representative for District 94.


Joann Allen

Fayette County Commissioner, District 8


Hal is ready to represent you from the first day on the job. He has already done much work on our behalf in Vietnam and in Nashville! He has been recognized for his service in both places by being awarded the Bronze Star in Vietnam and being recognized in Nashville for his work on drafting the new annexation legislation which protects citizen's rights!
Please visit Hal's Facebook page to learn more!


Reggie Howard

District 4 Commissioner, District 4

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